Sewing Machine Repairs

Stitch’in Gwich’in Sewing Machine Repair technician, Roger Fraser, holds a technician certificate in sewing machine repairs from the Fix Sewing Machines Institute and is able to repair most sewing machine makes and models. Additional training courses for specific makes have also been completed.

Some of the services offered include:

  • Clean Inside & Out
  • Oil Mechanical Parts & Bearings
  • Broken Part Repairs
  • Grease Gears
  • Take-up Lever Maintenance
  • Needle Bar and Bushings Maintenance
  • Needle(s) Maintenance
  • Belt Condition & Tension  Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Hook Smoothness Maintenance
  • Needle Plate Damage & Burrs Maintenance
  • Timing Maintenance
  • Clean & Calibrate Top Tension
  • Tension Take-up Spring Maintenance
  • Bobbin Case Tension Maintenance
  • Presser Foot Alignment Maintenance
  • Foot Lift Operation Maintenance
  • Tension Release Maintenance
  • Reverse Function Maintenance
  • Bobbin Winder Operation Maintenance
  • Light & Switch Maintenance
  • Thread Cutting Maintenance
  • Sew Out Straight & Zig Zag & Automatic Maintenance

If you have a specific repair need or don’t see it on the list above, please contact us directly with the form below.